How It Works

The active ingredient in any sunless tanner is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It creates a tanned appearance by reacting with proteins on the surface of your skin to develop a bronze coloring. The DHA reacts with the amino acids and amino groups of the skin keratin, forming bronze colored compounds. The process takes place on the outer layers of the epidermis.

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We require that you have an appointment for our airbrush services. This will allow us to have a technician available and to make sure your sunless experience is as incredible as it looks! Text/Call to book: 303-660-9135

Choose a Spray

Looking for 'Just off the beach' color? Introducing the ground-breaking formula that started it all. Utilizing both brown and violet tone bronzers, this spray tan solution provides a natural, sun-kissed radiance. The firs of its kind, this deliberative and innovative formulation blends with all skin tones to produce deep, long lasting color. 

The next step in spray tan technology, this all natural solution is brimming with skin care benefits of hydrating oils and super antioxidants.

  • Micro-encapsulated time released DHA allows for deeper, longer lasting color.

  • Argan oil and mango butter provide hydration and promote collagen production, helping give skin a firmer appearance. 

  • Potent green coffee extracts fight free radicals, targets dull skin and combats signs of aging.


Rich, natural looking tan in under 30 minutes. Presenting the next evolution in spray tanning - developed for those that want the rich, dark 'just off the beach' color with the added conveinence of time. The same great color and 

performance of our STAR formula, now with the ability to take your warm rinse in as short as 1 hour instead of 24.


Getting your skin ready before your spray tan can be just as important as taking care of it after.

  • EXFOLIATE thoroughly to remove dead skin cells and improve absorption of DHA.

  • Any shaving, waxing, mani/pedi should be done before your spray tan.

  • AVOID any moisturizers, shaving gels and bar soaps. The oils in these products may cause a barrier on the skin or effect pH levels and prevent even absorption of the solution.

  • Arrive with clean, dry skin - no lotion, deodorant and no makeup if you would like yo have your face sprayed.


To prolong the life of your spray tan, including having it fade evenly, keep these tips in mind.

  •  Following your spray tan wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing to minimize friction on your skin and allow it to develop evenly. This includes NO leggings, tight jeans, sports bras or socks.

  • STAY DRY! Do not shower, sweat, or swim for 24 hours following the session. Moisture will stop the development process and can cause spotting and/or streaking.

  • Your first shower should simply be a warm water rinse, not hot, with no soap, pat dry followed by immediately moisturizing your skin thouroughly.

  • Moisturizing following showers, when you wake up and before bed can dramatically extend the life of your spray tan.

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