Full Size Lotion

A premier salon offering lotions from the top 4 lotion companies. Australian Gold, Designer Skin, California Tan, and Swedish Beauty. Our smart tan certified team can help you select the most compatible with your skin type as well as with your tanning goals.

Lotion Packet

Almost all of our full size bottles have a sample pack option for you to try. This is a one time use that allows you to enjoy all the features of a premier lotion for you session. This is also a good option for our tanners that want to come in for a single session.

After Tan Moisturizer

Several of our premier lotion lines offer an all day moisturizer, or after tan moisturizer. This allows your skin to preserve that sun kissed glow all day and with the dry weather in Colorado we all know how much it can help to use a moisturizer each day.

Red Light Products

Red light therapy products are specifically designed to increase your results in our red light therapy bed. These are designed to allow the purest red light to reach the depths of your skin for faster results.

Sunless Products
Red Light Products
Teeth Whitening

Twilight Teeth brings you the same whitening process used in dental offices, but in a special kit, complete with a mouthpiece and a simple application process. You will receive professional whitening results during your normal tanning sessions.

Back Applicator

Can’t always reach the hard places to apply your lotion evenly? With the back applicator now you can. Just put a little lotion on the brush and reach over to fully apply lotion to every area of your body on your own.

Even More
In Store!
Come Take A Look

Sunless products are designed for your at home use to either apply yourself or to help extend the life of an airbrush tan that you received with our certified technicians. Be sure to check out all of our sunless tanning products in store.

FIT Booster is the key enhancement to all FIT Bodywrap sessions and the perfect daily treatment. This 360° spray is a scientifically formulated anti-cellulite and slimming infusion.

Find sunglasses in stock for men and women. You’ll love to show these off and knowing you didn’t break the bank.

Sun dresses, jewelry, and sandals. All things necessary to show off that sun kissed glow. Look good, feel great! Come in and check it out!

please note image may be different than in store product. limited in store quantity.

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