Know your skin type and what is recommended in order to achieve the results you want.

Getting a great tan requires some preparation. You have to know which skin type you are, from which, you can decide what tanning bed and what amount of time is ideal for you. Find out what makes each different, including some recommendations for the perfect tan.

Our Commitment To You

Teaching tanners and non-tanners of all ages how to avoid sunburn as a lifelong commitment is one of Exclusive Tan’s primary objectives.

People used to believe that sunburn was just an inevitable part of starting a tan. Some actually think you have to burn before you can tan. Today, we know how wrong that belief is, and we know that your skin can be temporarily or permanently damaged by burning.


Tanning – is a natural process – your body is designed to product melanin, which darkens the skin. A tan is a gradual increase in natural pigmentation and is your body’s natural way of building up protection against the injury of sunburn. Makes sense, right?


Sunburn – is a totally different process. Sunburn is an injury; the red color actually is increased blood flow, which is sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done by overexposure to ultraviolet light.


By practicing Smart Tanning, you can develop your natural tan gradually while minimizing the chances of getting a sunburn.


By practicing Smart Tanning, you can develop your natural tan gradually while minimizing the chances of getting a sunburn.

Avoid Sunburn – The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning is the indispensable rule: Don’t ever sunburn. Work with us at Exclusive Tans to build your tan gradually.

Know your Skin Type – Skin types range from Type I to Type VI. Find out your skin type.

Use Sunscreen Correctly – Use sunscreen outdoors correctly – even if you tan indoors. Apply a full-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays before heading outside for the best results. You can develop a tan outdoors while wearing sunscreen


Protect Your Eyes – When outside, protect your eyes with sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. Always wear proper indoor tanning protective eyewear when tanning at Exclusive Tans.

Be Serious About Your Medications – Some medicines (including antibiotics, acne medications, and birth control pills) can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn and splotches. Ask the Exclusive Tans staff what to do when you are taking a medication.

Practice Makes Perfect – Like Schools and Sports, avoiding sunburn is an everyday job. Make sunburn protection a habit.

Give Yourself Time to Tan – Important events like prom, spring break, vacation, and graduation take time to get ready for… so does tanning. Talk to the Exclusive Tans staff to get on a schedule that works for your skin type and tanning goals.

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