Smart Tan salons are the best professionally trained indoor tanning facilities in North America.

It means our staff in knowledgable, trained, and certified in several areas of tanning including:

  • How to “Smart Tan,” creating a customized program for you and guiding you along the way

  • How your skin tans

  • Skin care

  • Sunburn prevention

  • Vitamin D and its benefits

  • Safety and how to properly clean the facility/equipment

  • Sunless Tanning and care

  • Customer Service



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Our staff are all certified and trained, you’ll even see their certificates displayed in the store.

Each year some of our staff attends the Smart Tan Conference in Nashville to learn about what’s new, what’s changing, and how we can better serve our clients. 

Along the way they have a chance to meet some famous faces too, Snooki, Jwoww, and PaulyD from Jersey Shore…. and Yep, Willie from Duck Dynasty too... just to name a few!

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