Four levels of indoor tanning beds gives you total control of your tanning experience. A wide variety of tanning options allow all types of tanners to choose the best fit for them. No matter what the reason for tanning or the time constraints you may have, there is an option for you!


This is a great place to start your tan if you have a fair complexion or are prone to burning. Level 1 Indoor Tanning has the optimal level of UVB rays, designed for building a base tan. If you’re looking to start a base tan or maintain, Level 1 is where it all begins. 

(20 minute maximum tanning time)

Level 2 offers a great place to start for people that have a naturally darker complexion or do not tend to burn easily. Level 2 Tanning has fewer UVB rays and more UVA rays that give you a boost of color to deepen your tan. These beds also have an extra facial booster. 

(15 minute maximum tanning time)

If you’re looking for even more color, than Level 3 Indoor Tanning has what you need. These beds have more lamps, more power, and facial lamps that are designed to give you that extra glow. 




(12 minute maximum tanning time.)

Level 4 Indoor Tanners have over 50 lamps, including side tanners, shoulder tanners, and facial lamps. This bed has everything you need and all of the great features you could ever ask for. There’s also a stand-up version, for the perfect, even tan. 

(12 minute maximum tanning time.)

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